A New Kind of Resolution

Forward March

A little over a year ago I stopped writ­ing online, save for a few posts on the Woopie blog. I stopped writ­ing for myself, for other people, for freel­ance work. What my star­tup needed at the end of 2012 was focus. A year later, and what a year! I’m on a plane back to San Francisco […]

Updated Podcast Recommendations

Pod­casts are so awe­some. I love dis­cov­er­ing new top­ics and con­ver­sa­tions, and find them great to listen to both at work and at home. Since I listen to a lot of pod­casts & adjust my listen­ing fre­quently, I usu­ally have new things to recom­mend. If you’re look­ing for some­thing new to listen to, check out […]

The price of focus

What a dif­fer­ence a year makes. This time last year, I had fin­ished an early pro­to­type of my pet pro­ject of an Irish-focused tech magazine and was shop­ping it around to poten­tial advert­isers, con­trib­ut­ors and part­ners. I had also suc­cess­fully con­vinced the best designer I know, Stew­art Curry, to be its design dir­ector. Just a […]

What’s The Big Idea?

Yes­ter­day we launched the brand new pod­cast from Idea Magazine, The Big Idea. The Big Idea is an audio addi­tion to the magazine to con­tinue on our theme for a few extra weeks. Each time we pub­lished an issue, I received a flurry of emails from people ask­ing why we over­looked them, why they weren’t included, […]

EdTech 2012 Keynote Slides :: Digital Literacies for Life

In June I gave a key­note at the annual EdTech con­fer­ence, organ­ised by the Irish Learn­ing Tech­no­logy Asso­ci­ation (ILTA). The event’s theme was “Digital Lit­eracies for Life.” This was a really well-run event, and I was impressed over and over by the forward-thinking attendees. I really enjoyed talks by Doug Belshaw and the team of Lesley […]

Writing Elsewhere Around the Web

I took a short break from Tues­day News­day and reg­u­lar writ­ing here to do some guest posts recently. Below is a quick roundup of what I’ve been up to in terms of art­icles writ­ten, pod­casts and speak­ing engage­ments.   Design­ing Enga­ging and Enjoy­able Long-Form Read­ing Exper­i­ences – guest art­icle for Smash­ing Magazine This art­icle incorporates […]

Tuesday Newsday: Magazines in Hours

It’s an inter­est­ing phe­nomenon we’re start­ing to see in a lot of tech and cre­at­ive circles: what can you build in a week­end? Char­ity event 24theWeb cre­ates web­sites for char­it­ies who can’t afford them in 24 hours. Star­tup­Week­end gets developers and design­ers together for a week­end to share ideas, build tech­no­logy and launch start-ups. Ireland’s 24 […]

Daily Lessons from 2011

At the begin­ning of 2011, I made a res­ol­u­tion to note one new thing I learned every day. I stole it from this art­icle, which I loved: http://www.themorningnews.org/article/the-year-of-practical-thinking. I kept my list on tumblr here: http://thedailylesson.tumblr.com/. It was both easier and harder than I thought it would be. Easier because when you pay atten­tion, you’re […]

Tuesday Newsday: Data News Sites

Data journ­al­ism, news apps, open gov­ern­ment data. In this age of Anonym­ous, Wikileaks, and pro­act­ive sources pub­lish­ing freely avail­able data, it is becom­ing crit­ical that we have journ­al­ists and developers work­ing together to make sense of it all and under­stand how it affects us. Today there are a grow­ing num­ber of news out­lets doing a […]