Monthly Archives: September 2010

Leaving the ‘Soft

Nine-and-a-half years is a long time to spend doing any­thing.  It never felt like that much time, because I did such wildly dif­fer­ent things at Microsoft.  From test­ing the object model of Inter­net Explorer as a col­lege intern to build­ing auto­ma­tion har­nesses for API test­ing of Win­dows Present­a­tion Found­a­tion to help­ing archi­tect and build the […]

New Chapter, New Blog

For the last three years, my blog has been at  It was appro­pri­ate because I star­ted blog­ging as an exper­i­ment to see if I thought I would enjoy evan­gel­ism.  I loved it, and kept my blog there since 2007.  Mostly I blogged about new Microsoft tech­no­logy, ini­ti­at­ives and events for Irish developers my team […]