Travelling with Technology

I deserve to be an amazing packer with all the travel I have done for work and for fun.  But I’m actually a terrible packer.  What gives?

Travelling with technology can make a trip so much better and easier, but gadget-lovers like me often find it hard to distinguish between “It would be nice to have this with me” and “I would be stupid to not bring this.”

I have taken trips with three or four laptops, external hard drives, spare wireless keyboards and mice, loads of phones, and even an Xbox 360 plus games/rockband/controllers/etc.  It can be stressful to travel with so much gear, to say the least.

However when I’m not travelling for work, I have different things to worry about.  On my recent trip to Nepal and Tibet, I pared it down to the following:

    •   * Samsung NC-10 netbook (for blogging, Skype, Kindle app, backing up photos, photo-editing, writing & e-mail)
      * Logitech headset & mic (for Skype & conference calls – I know it’s holidays but I still had a few things to take care of) 
      * Zune 120 mp3 player (for music, audiobooks, games & podcasts – I had a lot of plane & bus time)
      * Two Windows Mobile 6.1 phones (for wifi, SMS & phone calls — I had two SIM cards I had to travel with, and swapping SIMs all the time is a pain)
      * Sony NEX-5 camera with an extra lens & external flash
      * chargers/converters for everything

That might sound like a lot, but all of it fit in my handy day pack, and it was great.  And before anyone replies with “why didn’t you just bring an iphone/android/macbook/wii/vacuum/whatever”, I didn’t want to buy any more stuff for this trip except for the camera (which I love & highly recommend!).  So I went with what I had.

Too Many Laptops

It was a tough call between the iPad and the netbook, but the keyboard and the built-in SD card-reader (along with the lack of paranoia) made the netbook a better choice, so I left the iPad at home with a delighted babysitter.

My next trip is home to Missouri for Thanksgiving later this month, so I’ll see if I can consolidate a bit more.  Recommendations welcome!


  1. The blog’s great, makes for good reading so far. (I’m still
    getting through the Nepal posts, and I keep meaning to come back
    and comment but forgetting, so I’m commenting in general right
    here.) Keep it up :)

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