Tuesday Newsday: The Atlantic Magazine

iPhone Intro ScreenThe exper­i­ence on the iPad is slightly dif­fer­ent from that of the smal­ler devices.  On the iPhone, there is no option to sub­scribe, so the con­tent is all from the web.  It’s a well-designed exper­i­ence for a com­pact screen.  Instead of try­ing to cram in the rows of image boxes, it has a nice slid­ing panel with the eight top stor­ies of the moment, so you can swipe through the top stor­ies and see lar­ger pic­tures before you decide which one you want to read.  The nav­ig­a­tion is mostly the same with the cat­egory titles at the top.  Click­ing on the indi­vidual art­icles puts in sort of a frame-within-a-frame.  I found this to feel a bit “squished” since the menu and ad below take up a good amount of ver­tical space.  It would be nice to take this to a full-screen view to get a bit more space.

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The iPad on the other hand does allow users to sub­scribe and pur­chase indi­vidual issues.  I’ll focus mostly on the iPad since that exper­i­ence has a good bit more con­tent and has the inter­est­ing con­trast between the magazine and web content.

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