Tuesday Newsday: Worldwide News Sites

News Source Mobile-friendly web­site iPad App iPhone app Other apps Pay wall
New York Times sort of – m.nytimes.com jumps you to reg­u­lar site on tab­let; works on phones yes yes Android, Black­berry, Win­dows Phone 7 & Palm Pre; Also Kindle & Nook yes, after read­ing a cer­tain num­ber of articles
The Guard­ian yes – m.guardian.co.uk not for news (it’s a photo view­ing app) yes Nokia and HP Touch­Pad apps; Also Kindle and a Flip­board channel cur­rently no; rumoured to be con­sid­er­ing one
Al Jaz­eera yes – m.aljazeera.net yes – live news stream & news headlines yes, live view­ing of video news only Android, Black­berry, Nokia, and Sam­sung Bada; unof­fi­cial WP7 no
The Irish Times yes – m.irishtimes.com yes but you must buy indi­vidual copies yes, ePa­per for $1.99 Android, Nokia, had one pre­vi­ously, removed in 2008
The Onion not really, m.theonion.com resolves but isn’t any more mobile-friendly yes yes Android & Kindle, unof­fi­cial WP7 Test­ing one cur­rently: users must sub­scribe after read­ing five art­icles in 30 days

NYT WP7 App Top News    NYT WP7 App Article View

Al Jazeera iPhone App Splash Screen   Al Jazeera iPad App Front Page

Al Jazeera iPhone App Live Video Feed   Al Jazeera Windows Phone 7 App Splash Screen

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