Monthly Archives: November 2011

Quantified Self Europe Review

One of the first things I dis­covered this past week­end in Ams­ter­dam at the first ever Quan­ti­fied Self Europe con­fer­ence is that I clearly do a bad job explain­ing what QS is. When asked why I obsess­ively track things in my life like sleep pat­terns, exer­cise habits, food intake, skin con­di­tion, and oth­ers, I usually […]

Exciting Idea Magazine Addition: Help with Hiring

If you’ve tried hir­ing people in the tech industry lately, you know what a tough and com­pet­it­ive mar­ket it is right now. Idea Magazine wants to help. Today we’re open­ing up a lim­ited amount of job list­ings for our inaug­ural issue launch­ing Decem­ber 8th. We’re not inter­ested in post­ing bulk ads with hid­den com­pany names. We’re not […]

Tuesday Newsday: Audio News Apps

When talk­ing about digital news apps, we often don’t think out­side the walls of writ­ten con­tent. How­ever radio and audio applic­a­tions also deliver news, stor­ies and enter­tain­ment to large audi­ences. There are excel­lent pod­casts in almost every cat­egory and their pop­ular­ity is grow­ing con­stantly. Why would someone choose to listen to audio news instead of […]

A New Idea

For a place with such an amaz­ing tech com­munity of developers, design­ers, star­tups, entre­pren­eurs and just plain “do-ers”, it’s shock­ingly hard to know what’s going on all the time with the Irish tech­no­logy scene. The most effect­ive way to find out about inter­est­ing star­tups, new tech­no­lo­gies, cool design stu­dios, great places to work, upcom­ing events, […]

Tuesday Newsday: Newspaper Developer Blogs

A com­mon trait of suc­cess­ful online news and magazine sites is, sur­pris­ingly, a developer blog. Think of a developer blog as a look into the minds of the people build­ing the site: what lim­it­a­tions they have, what they’re work­ing on, what they believe their read­ers want or need, suc­cess stor­ies of how they built interesting […]