Quantified Self Europe Review


  1. Hey Martha, that’s very cool to read and I love the idea. I’ve wanted to do more of this myself but so far do noth­ing more than track my bicycle com­mutes. I have an interest in mon­it­or­ing my mood and per­haps relat­ing it to food but never really found the right tool yet. Self know­ledge is a won­der­ful thing.

  2. How­ever I spoke with a lot of people this week­end (many of them wear­ing track­ing devices like fit­bit & jawbone) who men­tioned that when they talk about using Run­Keeper or a With­ings scale, the response is often “Wow cool, I want to do that too!””

    It mat­ters where you live. So many of these folks were from the Bay Area. Con­sider the demographic!

  3. Did you see the com­ments sec­tion for Chia’s sum­mary post? Looks like Omega 3 pro­files between grassfed and grain­fed cows differ–so blam­ing Irish cows (or their diets) might actu­ally not be far off!

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