Tuesday Newsday: Newspaper Developer Blogs


  1. Martha,
    I think you for­got one excuse: The well-meaning indi­vidual who agrees with all of what you said but never actu­ally gets around to updat­ing their blog.

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for your com­ment — def­in­itely a good point! I think there’s a strong argu­ment for cre­at­ing incent­ives around some­thing like this or even build­ing it into the team cul­ture if pos­sible, so that it becomes an addi­tional part of your work­flow like writ­ing tests & writ­ing documentation.

    It’s def­in­itely not easy to make sure it hap­pens, but as the examples show it’s really worth the effort.


  3. […] men­tioned The Guardian’s Data Blog in a recent post about news developer blogs as a great example of com­munity build­ing. But clearly it is also one of the best sources in the […]

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