What’s The Big Idea?

Yesterday we launched the brand new podcast from Idea Magazine, The Big Idea.

The Big Idea is an audio addition to the magazine to continue on our theme for a few extra weeks. Each time we published an issue, I received a flurry of emails from people asking why we overlooked them, why they weren’t included, or with other stories of interest that we might have been able to cover given additional time.

The truth is that with each theme we’ve had, we could go on researching and writing indefinitely. There is no shortage of interesting people to write about and stories to tell in these areas. But eventually you have to hit the publish button. Our podcast lets us continue these conversations and get more involved with our themes and subjects.

So far it’s been a really fun experience, and I have to give my heartfelt thanks to all the podcast participants, who you’ll hear more from over the coming weeks, but also Dusty Rhodes and Digital Audio Productions whose excellent studio has helped us produce high-quality recordings. Dusty and his team are incredible.

For now, you can listen to our first episode below where I interview Brian Suda about being a Master Informatician and working with data and visualisations on a day-to-day basis.

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Logo for The Big Idea podcast

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  1. Hi Martha,

    Really like your stuff.
    Perhaps you could give me a shout. I have a personal interest in ideas and a professional interest in digital publishing.


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