Updated Podcast Recommendations

Podcasts are so awesome. I love discovering new topics and conversations, and find them great to listen to both at work and at home. Since I listen to a lot of podcasts & adjust my listening frequently, I usually have new things to recommend. If you’re looking for something new to listen to, check out some of the below.

I’m currently using Stitcher almost exclusively for listening to podcasts. It’s fantastic. It works everywhere, stores lists of my favourites, and I don’t need to sync anything. There are a handful of podcasts I like that aren’t on Stitcher, but for pretty much everything else, I love it. Additionally I think the Downcast app for iOS is great if you’re looking for something to sync & listen offline.


New (or new to me) podcasts:

HackerNews Pod, or HNPod – generally around an hour, only 15 episodes so far, but have had great guests and interesting topics for developers.


Monocle 24 – I love the Monocle magazine, and now they have a series of podcasts I like, too. Specifically The Stack, which is about print media, but The Globalist, The Urbanist, The Menu, The Entrepreneurs, & Section D are all great.


Jobs to be Done Radio – Fans of The Re-Wired Group or disciples of the Jobs-to-be-done framework will like this podcast talking about applying the methodology, product design and business.


Tools of Change for Publishing – O’Reilly has started producing an excellent podcast for people working in the publishing industry.



Thought-provoking stuff:

99% Invisible – My find of the year. 99% Invisible by Roman Mars is a fascinating look into design, architecture and how the things around us affect our communities. It’s so well-produced and researched. Much kudos to the team behind it, it sets a very high bar for podcast quality. Plus they’re all an ideal length at around 8-15 minutes.


Freakonomics Radio – Who didn’t love the Freakonomics books? Freakonomics Radio follows on from there and produces always surprising looks  into people’s behaviour. Looking at tough topics like is college worth it and $15 tomatoes keeps this podcast at the top of my queue each week.


NPR Planet Money – I have liked Planet Money for a while, but in 2012 it has just become a powerhouse of interesting and insightful reporting. Their conversations with economists on creating a fake, ideal political candidate and marketing him, for example, was a wonderful experiment. In these tough financial times, Planet Money is great for helping you to understand where the world’s money is going.



Short, daily tech updates:

I gave up listening to the longer, TWIT/TWIG episodes a long time ago. They just got to be too long and rambling for me. Now I generally listen to more focused shows, and for general tech news, I just listen to the following short shows in the morning on Stitcher before heading off to work:

TechCrunch Headlines

Tuaw Daily Update

Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing


Longer or more focused tech/start-up podcasts:

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders – a lecture series produced by Stanford University. It’s a weekly speaker series with leaders from technology, business and education such as Noam Wasserman, Melinda Gates, and more.


The Industry –  A new voice in tech media, with Jared Erondu, Adam Stacoviak (formerly did the Founders Talk podcast series, which I also liked), and Drew Wilson. Interesting discussions about start-ups, design and tech. They even mentioned Woopie once so I like them even more.


The Big Web Show – I’ve been a long-time fan of Jeffrey Zeldman’s show interviewing my internet heroes, it’s always interesting.


The JavaScript Show – Really well-produced JavaScript developer podcast, short and focused with always relevant content.


A Django Podcast – This may have ended, but has been good & would love to hear more episodes!



Miscellaneous Fun stuff:

60-Second Mind


BrainStuff, from HowStuffWorks.com


Latest in Paleo


Stuff You Missed in History Class


Everyday Russian