A New Kind of Resolution


  1. For med­it­a­tion, someone recom­men­ded to me a book called “Real Hap­pi­ness.” He then men­tioned you can skip the book and down­load the audio files and it’s just as good ( ). If you feel bad about down­load­ing the audio files and not pay­ing, you can prob­ably try to med­it­ate away the stress. If it works you’re all set, and if it doesn’t work, then you can be glad you didn’t pay for them.

    I tried listen­ing to the first one and I fell asleep. I’m not sure if that means it worked or it didn’t.

  2. Tom, thanks for the pointer, will check it out. Sounds like either way I win.

    How­ever I must admit that I’m equally excited about the fact that your com­ment means that my ever-flowing wis­dom is not blocked by the Chinese gov­ern­ment & there­fore read­able there. You’re wel­come, China!

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