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Tuesday Newsday: Data News Sites

Data journ­al­ism, news apps, open gov­ern­ment data. In this age of Anonym­ous, Wikileaks, and pro­act­ive sources pub­lish­ing freely avail­able data, it is becom­ing crit­ical that we have journ­al­ists and developers work­ing together to make sense of it all and under­stand how it affects us. Today there are a grow­ing num­ber of news out­lets doing a […]

Tuesday Newsday: Audio News Apps

When talk­ing about digital news apps, we often don’t think out­side the walls of writ­ten con­tent. How­ever radio and audio applic­a­tions also deliver news, stor­ies and enter­tain­ment to large audi­ences. There are excel­lent pod­casts in almost every cat­egory and their pop­ular­ity is grow­ing con­stantly. Why would someone choose to listen to audio news instead of […]

Tuesday Newsday: Facebook News Apps

In the last month we’ve had some news sources try­ing an uncon­ven­tional method of reach­ing new audi­ences: Face­book. “Go where your read­ers live” is the mes­sage of news applic­a­tions within Face­book, and there is cer­tainly no short­age of people who spend a sig­ni­fic­ant amount of time check­ing in on Face­book through­out the day, whether it […]

Tuesday Newsday: The iOS5 Newsstand

When iOS5 fea­tures were shown earlier this year at Apple’s WWDC, News­stand was one of the most inter­est­ing and talked about ideas. Now that iOS5 is live, it’s time to give it a test drive and see if it meets pub­lish­ers’ expect­a­tions. Apple describes News­stand as “A cus­tom news­stand for all your sub­scrip­tions.” News­stand is […]

Tuesday Newsday: Digital-only News

We’ve looked at a lot of digital ver­sions of their news­pa­per coun­ter­parts. Today instead we’re look­ing at news sources provid­ing their con­tent only online and not through any print formats.  I’m examin­ing digital-only news sources The Daily, Newsy and New360.   THE DAILY I was very excited for The Daily when it was announced. The […]

Tuesday Newsday: More Irish News Online

Last week’s look at Irish News­pa­per web­sites and applic­a­tions was a bit depress­ing.  So this week, I’m look­ing at some of the newer and more tech-friendly altern­at­ives: TheJournal.ie and Story­ful.  Neither of these news sources have altern­at­ive print formats, they are both digital-only.   THEJOURNAL.IE TheJournal.ie is an Irish news web­site which invites users to […]

Tuesday Newsday: The Irish Newspaper Edition

A few weeks ago, I did an ana­lysis of some world­wide news source apps and web­sites, one of which was The Irish Times. Appar­ently many people had not seen The Irish Times’ iOS app and I received a lot of feed­back from people on the blog, on Twit­ter and in per­son express­ing dis­ap­point­ment and, in […]

Tuesday Newsday: Pay walls, Freemium, Business Class – What Works?

There’s back­lash against pay walls, drop­ping ad rates, and a ser­i­ous amount of com­pet­i­tion for viewer eye­balls.  How should online pub­lish­ers nav­ig­ate the world of pay walls and premium con­tent, whether we’re talk­ing about tab­let pub­lic­a­tions or web pub­lic­a­tions? Will people pay for con­tent? Espe­cially given that there is so much avail­able for free? To investigate […]

Tuesday Newsday: Two Approaches to Magazine Apps

Today I’m look­ing at two lit­er­ary insti­tu­tions and how they approached their app ver­sions: The New Yorker and McSweeney’s.  I call both of them insti­tu­tions because, while I know the New Yorker has been around far, far longer, both have grown from pub­lish­ing reg­u­lar col­lec­tions of excel­lent writ­ing to well-known pub­lish­ing houses with large, fervent […]

Free eBooks, Audiobooks and More, Courtesy of Your Local Library

I’ve explained how to do this to so many people that I thought it was worth writ­ing a blog post about it. For sev­eral months, I’ve been enjoy­ing down­load­ing free audio and eBooks from the Dun Laog­haire lib­rary web­site.  A friend of mine told me about this in the US earlier this year, and I […]