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Tuesday Newsday: Data News Sites

Data journ­al­ism, news apps, open gov­ern­ment data. In this age of Anonym­ous, Wikileaks, and pro­act­ive sources pub­lish­ing freely avail­able data, it is becom­ing crit­ical that we have journ­al­ists and developers work­ing together to make sense of it all and under­stand how it affects us. Today there are a grow­ing num­ber of news out­lets doing a […]

Visualizing Áras Election, Part Two

I received some good feed­back on addi­tional things people thought might be inter­est­ing to look invest­ig­ate regard­ing next week’s elec­tion. So today I’ve done two things: 1) Taken a brief look at media out­let per­cep­tion of can­did­ates based on pub­lished art­icles and 2) Re-examined the Irish twit­ter stream with a new sen­ti­ment engine to see […]

Visualizing Áras Election

The Irish pres­id­en­tial elec­tion is just about a week away. As a non-citizen res­id­ent of Ire­land, I can’t vote in this elec­tion (only local elec­tions). But I still find it inter­est­ing so I took a look at some social media data on the topic to make some visu­al­iz­a­tions. These are not meant to be predictions, […]

SND STL Review, Part Two

  CONFERENCE DAY 2 The second day of SND STL had me over­whelmed. I listened to so many great speak­ers the pre­vi­ous day, learned so much, saw so many excel­lent demos. And now here I was with another great line-up of ses­sions to choose from.   Cross-Platform Edit­ing – Teresa Schmed­ding is the pres­id­ent of the […]

SND STL Review, Part One

When your homet­own is in the Mid­w­est, you gen­er­ally don’t expect to get the oppor­tun­ity to fly there often for amaz­ing, cutting-edge, tech­no­logy and designy events.  I was sur­prised that SND, the Soci­ety for News Design, was hav­ing their annual event in St. Louis, but even more sur­prised when I looked at the line-up and […]

Fun With Data & Goal-Setting

I’m work­ing on a small pro­ject which involves per­sonal data track­ing, so I’ve been doing a bit of user research on people who set goals and track their pro­gress towards them. 43Things is a pop­u­lar and easy-to-use site for set­ting goals and record­ing your pro­gress, and I’ve enjoyed using it in the past myself.  I […]