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Writing Elsewhere Around the Web

I took a short break from Tues­day News­day and reg­u­lar writ­ing here to do some guest posts recently. Below is a quick roundup of what I’ve been up to in terms of art­icles writ­ten, pod­casts and speak­ing engage­ments.   Design­ing Enga­ging and Enjoy­able Long-Form Read­ing Exper­i­ences – guest art­icle for Smash­ing Magazine This art­icle incorporates […]

Tuesday Newsday: Magazines in Hours

It’s an inter­est­ing phe­nomenon we’re start­ing to see in a lot of tech and cre­at­ive circles: what can you build in a week­end? Char­ity event 24theWeb cre­ates web­sites for char­it­ies who can’t afford them in 24 hours. Star­tup­Week­end gets developers and design­ers together for a week­end to share ideas, build tech­no­logy and launch start-ups. Ireland’s 24 […]

Exciting Idea Magazine Addition: Help with Hiring

If you’ve tried hir­ing people in the tech industry lately, you know what a tough and com­pet­it­ive mar­ket it is right now. Idea Magazine wants to help. Today we’re open­ing up a lim­ited amount of job list­ings for our inaug­ural issue launch­ing Decem­ber 8th. We’re not inter­ested in post­ing bulk ads with hid­den com­pany names. We’re not […]

A New Idea

For a place with such an amaz­ing tech com­munity of developers, design­ers, star­tups, entre­pren­eurs and just plain “do-ers”, it’s shock­ingly hard to know what’s going on all the time with the Irish tech­no­logy scene. The most effect­ive way to find out about inter­est­ing star­tups, new tech­no­lo­gies, cool design stu­dios, great places to work, upcom­ing events, […]

Tuesday Newsday: The iOS5 Newsstand

When iOS5 fea­tures were shown earlier this year at Apple’s WWDC, News­stand was one of the most inter­est­ing and talked about ideas. Now that iOS5 is live, it’s time to give it a test drive and see if it meets pub­lish­ers’ expect­a­tions. Apple describes News­stand as “A cus­tom news­stand for all your sub­scrip­tions.” News­stand is […]

Tuesday Newsday: Pay walls, Freemium, Business Class – What Works?

There’s back­lash against pay walls, drop­ping ad rates, and a ser­i­ous amount of com­pet­i­tion for viewer eye­balls.  How should online pub­lish­ers nav­ig­ate the world of pay walls and premium con­tent, whether we’re talk­ing about tab­let pub­lic­a­tions or web pub­lic­a­tions? Will people pay for con­tent? Espe­cially given that there is so much avail­able for free? To investigate […]

An Introduction to Treesaver

In my Con­tent Strategy Forum work­shop, we cre­ated a short, online magazine called The CS Forum Times.  The magazine used Treesaver to quickly lay­out the art­icles and images and make them work well on a vari­ety of browsers and devices.  This is an over­view of how we built The CS Forum Times and how you […]

CS Forum 2011 :: My Workshop Slides & Content

Last week I delivered a half-day work­shop at Con­tent Strategy 2011 Lon­don on Design­ing Nar­rat­ive Con­tent.  We covered top­ics like what makes nar­rat­ive con­tent effect­ive versus use­less, how to optim­ise work­flow for nar­rat­ive con­tent, and tech­no­logy options for nar­rat­ive con­tent.  The slides are below. Dur­ing the last sec­tion of the work­shop we cre­ated our own, short, […]

Tuesday Newsday: Two Approaches to Magazine Apps

Today I’m look­ing at two lit­er­ary insti­tu­tions and how they approached their app ver­sions: The New Yorker and McSweeney’s.  I call both of them insti­tu­tions because, while I know the New Yorker has been around far, far longer, both have grown from pub­lish­ing reg­u­lar col­lec­tions of excel­lent writ­ing to well-known pub­lish­ing houses with large, fervent […]

Tuesday Newsday: Worldwide News Sites

This week I’ve done an ana­lysis of how news sites world­wide approach apps and mobile web sites. To get some vari­ety, I’ve chosen The New York Times, The Guard­ian, Al Jaz­eera, The Irish Times and The Onion.  If there’s a world­wide news site or app you’d like to see reviewed, just let me know and […]