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A New Kind of Resolution

Since I was a teen­ager, I’ve had a mid-January ritual of reflect­ing on the pre­vi­ous year and mak­ing res­ol­u­tions for the upcom­ing year. Mid-January, because I always feel I need to let the year sink in for a couple of weeks before I can prop­erly digest it. I go through my journal, look at what […]

Quantified Self Europe Review

One of the first things I dis­covered this past week­end in Ams­ter­dam at the first ever Quan­ti­fied Self Europe con­fer­ence is that I clearly do a bad job explain­ing what QS is. When asked why I obsess­ively track things in my life like sleep pat­terns, exer­cise habits, food intake, skin con­di­tion, and oth­ers, I usually […]