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Forward March

A little over a year ago I stopped writ­ing online, save for a few posts on the Woopie blog. I stopped writ­ing for myself, for other people, for freel­ance work. What my star­tup needed at the end of 2012 was focus. A year later, and what a year! I’m on a plane back to San Francisco […]

The price of focus

What a dif­fer­ence a year makes. This time last year, I had fin­ished an early pro­to­type of my pet pro­ject of an Irish-focused tech magazine and was shop­ping it around to poten­tial advert­isers, con­trib­ut­ors and part­ners. I had also suc­cess­fully con­vinced the best designer I know, Stew­art Curry, to be its design dir­ector. Just a […]